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JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth

The association JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth association should be part of GAMe very soon!


What is JEY?

JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth is a student project, started in 2012. Euromed Management, a French Business school located in Marseille, initiated the birth of JEY. It is a Mediterranean network of universities, in which members can develop entrepreneurship skills, talk about their own ideas or exchange about the different entrepreneurial possibilities.  The universities of the network can create common projects together, such as a Mediterranean entrepreneurship contest for students. As GAMe, a national bureau is organizing the activities in each country. This allows the network to be perfectly fit to the environment (culture, economy) of each country.

Social entrepreneurship

JEY also invites young entrepreneurs with little means, so that they are helped by students and get financial support. JEY members believe in social entrepreneurship, they want to help those who do not have the sufficient support to develop their own business. JEY wants to use the strength of  the Mediterranean spirit to unite its members in this common goal.

A future GAMe project

JEY has the support of the RMEI. That is how GAMe and JEY were able to communicate. The GAMe bureau and JEY are currently in talks. JEY knows the efficiency of the GAMe network and wants to be part of it : joining GAMe will most certainly give them access to more knowledge and visibility.

The idea is really to make JEY a GAMe project, while keeping it independent for its own organization. One GAMe student is supposed to join JEY, to link the two networks completely.


We’ll let you know when we know more about this future GAMe project.

Elina’s Testimony

With GAMe I suddenly met students from all around the Mediterranean area and it really impressed me to see how welcoming, friendly and trustful the students could be! There are some differences between all of us that it is important to respect (yeah to diversity!) but the pleasure I had to exchange with them shows how good international comprehension can be. I would be very happy to see each of them again one day. It increased my will to work with different nationalities, to travel. From some of them there were invitations to visit them if we travelled in their countries! With some we could meet again and keep in touch. GAMe is a great achievement, as well as a personal chance. My participation in the Michelangelo project and the launch of GAMe helped me to gain self-confidence in what I undertake as actor of my future, yet as a still rather inexperienced young student.

Elina – French member

Jean’s Testimony

Thanks to GAMe, I have deeply understood the international side of our world. It has given a new impetus to my studies and has increased my motivation to work with wide range of people. These Workshops made me realizing how important it is for me to join people from various fields and origins. Overall, following this event, I have found the will to be an actor of my future, of our area, of our future.

Jean – French member

Clothilde’s testimony

To become a member of GAMe is a fabulous opportunity, this day is the most beautiful that offered to me during my studies. To become ” young ambassador of the Mediterranean Sea “, it is to belong to a big family, to make a commitment for the future and to take a stand in front of big challenges. There we met people of many horizons, very different by the culture, but strangely close by the heart. Persons with whom we stay in touch, in spite of the distance. Naturally, it is an incredible experiment for one’s professional life, (opportunities of internships, exchange, interesting projects). But it is especially for its unique and cosmopolitan character, its feeling of unity and brotherhood, that GAMe has to prosper. GAMe is before any the adventure of a life opened on the world.

Clothilde – French member

ecl Team


Today you received the first newsletter from the GAMe students from the French university École Centrale de Lyon ! These students are here to help the GAMe bureau.

News from France

Last September, a new group of 6 students joined GAMe. They are all studying at Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. And they decided to join GAMe together because of their common interest for the Mediterranean issues. Since then, they have started working with the GAMe bureau (Tairi de Martino, Marie-Thérèse El-Hoyek Jean Delalande and Mohamed Keli). The bureau gave them some tasks (including the creation of this website) to improve the visibility of the network. Now they want to share what they have already done for the bureau and what they still have to do. It’s time for some news from France!


The particularity of this group of students is that their work for GAMe is part of a course in their university called “Projet d’études” in which you have to get involved in a project of any kind. This course is supposed to teach them how to work as a team. Note that they did not know each other when they joined GAMe! They are really motivated and will try to do their best. All of these students are very happy to be new GAMe members and hope the adventure is just beginning.

Contact them whenever you want!

This newsletter is available on the Facebook group of GAMe. If you have a question or want to be emailed the newsletter, you can contact them anytime you want. Each one of them has an active Facebook profile, and there is a specific e-mail address to contact them:

ECL Team


Tairi’s 2013 wishes

Dear Mediterranean students,

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you in the web-site of GAMe, the student network belonging to the Réseau Méditerranéen des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs!

At the beginning of 2013, after a very important year for our association, during which GAMe has been formally established with its board and its office, a new goal has been reached by the Mediterranean Ambassadors: the creation of a dedicated common space on the web, as a support for our activities and as a special mean to promote and consolidate GAMe network all around the Mediterranean sea.

GAMe is a young network, made by young students and addressed to young students.

I strongly believe that this feature represents the strength of our association, because in young people resides the responsibility of Mediterranean future. The network GAMe supports young talents, giving the Mediterranean students the possibility to cooperate and share ideas, be informed about educational projects and mobility programs, participate to international workshops, internships and trainings, contributing to their personal growth and developing their professional skills.

This way, people belonging to different cultures could also promote peace, stability and security, knowledge, dialogue and comprehension, despite of divisions and conflicts, because cultural
differences can enrich and complete the background of each country.
For this new year, my personal wish is that the time we will spend together could improve our feelings, thoughts and actions.

Enjoy the GAMe!
Rome, January 14th 2013

The President

Signature Tairi


GAMe is on Facebook !

The network continues to grow! Welcome to our 100th member the GAMe group on Facebook.

Not on this group yet?

Join us!

Facebook, a great way to connect

During the Michelangelo Workshops of 2012, GAMe was born. Shortly after it was decided to create a group on Facebook to create an open platform of discussion for the members. The group hasn’t stop growing since, with more and more members joining. This little community allows one to share about his or hers own experience or ask questions to other members.

With a network spreading all over the Mediterranean, such a group is a real link between members. Thanks to Facebook, we now have a quick way to connect with other members.

Our group continues to grow!

Today, we welcome with great pleasure our 100th member! What a joy to see that the group is still growing. We really hope that other members are going to join. Being on the group does not mean that you are an official GAMe member. It is just shows you’re active and want to discuss with the other members. It is a great way to discover the people from the network!

You’re in GAMe and not on our group yet? Join us!


Michel Angelo Workshops !

A great day for the network!

During the second Michelangelo workshops, the RMEI decided to create a new network, led by young students from the Mediterranean: the GAMe network.

Giovanni Ambasciatori Mediterranei network was born!

Michelangelo Workshops, a unique experience

The Michalangelo Worshops took place on the 13th and on the 14th of april 2012. For two days, experts, professors and students presented their works and views about many subjects. The program was rather dense! However conferences were very good and we wish it had lasted longer!

The first day was dealing with the theme of “Energies”. The second was dedicated to students’ work about the challenges of the Mediterranean area. All experts in their domain showed a remarkable professionalism. The diverse projects were particularly welcomed by the assembly and aroused numerous debates.

During the breaks, discussions concerned as well the various interventions and cultural exchanges. Those were very interesting to reach a better understanding of our area, its culture, its challenges and its political issues. We had never met such a diversity of person gathered in the same place. This was huge to discuss and debate!  Strong links were formed between the participants. Saturday evening especially highlighted the unity and the brotherhood within the Mediterranean youth.

Moreover we had the opportunity to present our work in public in English. That was a great experience as we are not used to speak in public in our education. We could benefit a feedback about our communication. We have been impressed of the new impetus it had given to our project!

Birth of GAMe

By the end of the workshop, we could not leave this experience behind us. It was very strong and we wanted this dynamism to keep running. This led us to officialize GAMe as a Mediterranean student network. GAMe stands for the acronyms of Giovani Ambasciatori Mediterranei. We wanted it to reflect our unity and diversity. To give him more dynamism and strength we have appointed a committee in charge of ruling and coordinating our activities. As we wanted it to reveal our diversity we have named one president and three vice presidents looking for diversity between women and men, north and south.


GAMe was born. A new Mediterranean story has started for us. From this point we have started being international students.

By Elina Hentgen