Michel Angelo Workshops !

A great day for the network!

During the second Michelangelo workshops, the RMEI decided to create a new network, led by young students from the Mediterranean: the GAMe network.

Giovanni Ambasciatori Mediterranei network was born!

Michelangelo Workshops, a unique experience

The Michalangelo Worshops took place on the 13th and on the 14th of april 2012. For two days, experts, professors and students presented their works and views about many subjects. The program was rather dense! However conferences were very good and we wish it had lasted longer!

The first day was dealing with the theme of “Energies”. The second was dedicated to students’ work about the challenges of the Mediterranean area. All experts in their domain showed a remarkable professionalism. The diverse projects were particularly welcomed by the assembly and aroused numerous debates.

During the breaks, discussions concerned as well the various interventions and cultural exchanges. Those were very interesting to reach a better understanding of our area, its culture, its challenges and its political issues. We had never met such a diversity of person gathered in the same place. This was huge to discuss and debate!  Strong links were formed between the participants. Saturday evening especially highlighted the unity and the brotherhood within the Mediterranean youth.

Moreover we had the opportunity to present our work in public in English. That was a great experience as we are not used to speak in public in our education. We could benefit a feedback about our communication. We have been impressed of the new impetus it had given to our project!

Birth of GAMe

By the end of the workshop, we could not leave this experience behind us. It was very strong and we wanted this dynamism to keep running. This led us to officialize GAMe as a Mediterranean student network. GAMe stands for the acronyms of Giovani Ambasciatori Mediterranei. We wanted it to reflect our unity and diversity. To give him more dynamism and strength we have appointed a committee in charge of ruling and coordinating our activities. As we wanted it to reveal our diversity we have named one president and three vice presidents looking for diversity between women and men, north and south.


GAMe was born. A new Mediterranean story has started for us. From this point we have started being international students.

By Elina Hentgen