Two initiatives of sustainable tourism in Spain

Cortijo El Albaricoque and L’Ayalga : two true initiatives of sustainable tourism in Spain

Why sustainable tourism?

Through the Take the Med Junior (TMJ) project, six GAMe students from Centrale Lyon are taking an inventory of many projects about sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean. Within their research, they found some projects that really fulfill the criteria of sustainable tourism, so they decided to promote them. The places are worth being known, that is why we want to communicate about it: people have to change their minds when it comes to tourism, and to privilege sustainable tourism.

What is Cortijo El Albaricoque?

Cortijo El Albaricoque is a little cottage in Andalusia, which enables visitors to discover the local culture in a natural, shining, sustainable and artistic environment. This farm is fully self-sufficient in water and electricity thanks to solar panels, a source of water, a windmill as well as solar water heaters. Furthermore, the owners propose some activities like an initiation to ecology and some walks in a Natural Park close to the house, and produce their own fruits and vegetables. The farm, which can host about 10 people, is situated in the Sierra Alhamilla, not far from Almeria. It is very calm too, and the owners have many ecological skills to teach.

If you want to know more about it, or to book some holidays there, here is the link to the website: http://www.gî

And what about L’Ayalga?

L’Ayalga – Posada Ecológica is a safe place to relax and to be in contact with nature and fresh air in the Asturias, in Spain. Indeed, the owners of this cottage propose an ecological housing, as well as some activities such as tai chi, chi-kung, massages or also walks in Redes Nature Reserve. Everything there is made in full respect of the local environment and population. Thus, the materials used to build the house are healthy and non-polluting – that’s the principle of bio building – and a lot of energy is saved. Furthermore, during your stay there, you are invited to take a gesture of solidarity by donating 1% of the price of your room to one of four charities supported by the owners of L’Ayalga.

If you want to know more about it, or to book some holidays there, here is the link to the website:

We would be glad if you could talk about those projects to your relatives, so as to help them. It is time to act and promote sustainable tourism !

ECL Team 2013-2014