Elina’s Testimony

With GAMe I suddenly met students from all around the Mediterranean area and it really impressed me to see how welcoming, friendly and trustful the students could be! There are some differences between all of us that it is important to respect (yeah to diversity!) but the pleasure I had to exchange with them shows how good international comprehension can be. I would be very happy to see each of them again one day. It increased my will to work with different nationalities, to travel. From some of them there were invitations to visit them if we travelled in their countries! With some we could meet again and keep in touch. GAMe is a great achievement, as well as a personal chance. My participation in the Michelangelo project and the launch of GAMe helped me to gain self-confidence in what I undertake as actor of my future, yet as a still rather inexperienced young student.

Elina – French member