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The network continues to grow! Welcome to our 100th member the GAMe group on Facebook.

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Facebook, a great way to connect

During the Michelangelo Workshops of 2012, GAMe was born. Shortly after it was decided to create a group on Facebook to create an open platform of discussion for the members. The group hasn’t stop growing since, with more and more members joining. This little community allows one to share about his or hers own experience or ask questions to other members.

With a network spreading all over the Mediterranean, such a group is a real link between members. Thanks to Facebook, we now have a quick way to connect with other members.

Our group continues to grow!

Today, we welcome with great pleasure our 100th member! What a joy to see that the group is still growing. We really hope that other members are going to join. Being on the group does not mean that you are an official GAMe member. It is just shows you’re active and want to discuss with the other members. It is a great way to discover the people from the network!

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