JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth

The association JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth association should be part of GAMe very soon!


What is JEY?

JEY – Entrepreneurship for Youth is a student project, started in 2012. Euromed Management, a French Business school located in Marseille, initiated the birth of JEY. It is a Mediterranean network of universities, in which members can develop entrepreneurship skills, talk about their own ideas or exchange about the different entrepreneurial possibilities.  The universities of the network can create common projects together, such as a Mediterranean entrepreneurship contest for students. As GAMe, a national bureau is organizing the activities in each country. This allows the network to be perfectly fit to the environment (culture, economy) of each country.

Social entrepreneurship

JEY also invites young entrepreneurs with little means, so that they are helped by students and get financial support. JEY members believe in social entrepreneurship, they want to help those who do not have the sufficient support to develop their own business. JEY wants to use the strength of  the Mediterranean spirit to unite its members in this common goal.

A future GAMe project

JEY has the support of the RMEI. That is how GAMe and JEY were able to communicate. The GAMe bureau and JEY are currently in talks. JEY knows the efficiency of the GAMe network and wants to be part of it : joining GAMe will most certainly give them access to more knowledge and visibility.

The idea is really to make JEY a GAMe project, while keeping it independent for its own organization. One GAMe student is supposed to join JEY, to link the two networks completely.


We’ll let you know when we know more about this future GAMe project.