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Today you received the first newsletter from the GAMe students from the French university École Centrale de Lyon ! These students are here to help the GAMe bureau.

News from France

Last September, a new group of 6 students joined GAMe. They are all studying at Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. And they decided to join GAMe together because of their common interest for the Mediterranean issues. Since then, they have started working with the GAMe bureau (Tairi de Martino, Marie-Thérèse El-Hoyek Jean Delalande and Mohamed Keli). The bureau gave them some tasks (including the creation of this website) to improve the visibility of the network. Now they want to share what they have already done for the bureau and what they still have to do. It’s time for some news from France!


The particularity of this group of students is that their work for GAMe is part of a course in their university called “Projet d’études” in which you have to get involved in a project of any kind. This course is supposed to teach them how to work as a team. Note that they did not know each other when they joined GAMe! They are really motivated and will try to do their best. All of these students are very happy to be new GAMe members and hope the adventure is just beginning.

Contact them whenever you want!

This newsletter is available on the Facebook group of GAMe. If you have a question or want to be emailed the newsletter, you can contact them anytime you want. Each one of them has an active Facebook profile, and there is a specific e-mail address to contact them:

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