TMJ Meetings – Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean: Stakes, challenges and solutions

TMJ Placard 

What is TMJ?

TMJ – Take the Med Junior – is part of a project called Take the Med, launched in 2011 by DEFISMED* and joined by different actors such as the RMEI in order to reveal the main initiatives that unit both tourism, innovation and sustainable economic development.

Both institutions and civil companies are involved in Take the Med, through a revolutionary network.

In the medium term, the Take the Med project aims at promoting and developing sustainable tourism around the Mediterranean.

A GAMe project

The RMEI is involved in TMJ via the GAMe network. Indeed, six French students from Centrale Lyon are both members of GAMe and in charge of a part of the TMJ Project. Their primary role in TMJ is to coordinate the different working groups of the project. Furthermore, they are taking an inventory of the main projects about sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean. To do so, they are asking help from GAMe members. That’s indeed easier to look for projects in your own countries rather than in others!

TMJ Meetings

The TMJ Meetings will take place in the school Centrale Lyon, in France, on February 19, 2014. Léo Vincent, president of the RMEI, and Eric Raulet, who coordinates the association DEFISMED, will direct them.

The role of the meetings is to discuss about sustainable tourism nowadays around the Mediterranean, as well as about the perspectives for future. Both French students involved in TMJ and foreign GAMe members will attend the meetings, directly or thanks to a videoconference, and present their different points of view.

Then, a debate will be organized with the leading figures of the conference.

We will present you the conclusions of the meetings in a few weeks, and you will have access to a rebroadcast of them on YouTube !

 ECL Team 2013-2014

*DEFISMED is an association created in 2009 in Nice, France, whose aim is both to develop cultural and scientific exchanges between Mediterranean countries and to reveal them to the public at large, thanks to a cooperative and innovative platform.